Monday, 17 October 2016

"Tips to Increase Conversion Rate of E-Business"

“A good internet marketing SEO India campaign gets more conversion action that results into an increased ROI & remarkable business growth.”

SEO Services India helps an online business to drive more traffic. Increased traffic is really good for an e-business,but if the traffic doesn’t convert, it isn’t worthy. In internet marketing, a conversion rate depicts the ratio of total visitors who converted into the buyer or consumer by performing desired actions. Conversion rate is differently based on the nature of the business and their objectives. For a publisher, submitting a form is conversion, while for an online retailer number of clicks on ‘Add to Cart’.

“Increasing conversion rates is really crucial.A good conversion rate is an essential foundation of high sales volume.”Consider the following tips to improve conversion rate of an e-business:

Do Testing

Do A/B Testing: It is a technique to boost the conversion rate of a website and customers. If you’re still in complex to decide,which headline should be used for your page then take A/B split test.

Sometimes experts guess what factors can be considered to test and improve that is actually not working. In spite of that, he must go for the vital projects to focus on.It will help him to consider only the potential revenue factors and rank test. 

What to Test:
  • ·         Headline: it should be strong, convincing and worthy to promote the product or offer
  • ·         Page layout and navigation
  • ·         Offer & discounts
  • ·         Size of order button or Call to action
  • ·         Various media and test video to discuss the major points
  • ·         Radical change to compare 2 different methods

Google Content Experiments, Oplimizely, Visual Website Optimizer are cheap SEO India tools for testing. These tools are easy, fast and really work to achieve substantial growth.

Develop a Persuasive and Clear Value Proposition

A prospective conversion rate is a result of the Value proposition.Customers are always eager to know why they should buy a product from you. A reason to buy the product or service from a specific website is called as a value proposition.

Changing page elements like font, color, images and button shapes are not enough to influence a visitor to take an action and buy the product. SEO Company India Services experts must work out to strengthen their value propositions.

  • ·         It must be different from your competitor’s offers and proposals
  • ·         At least an excel element must be included of  Value Propositions

Begin A Sales Funnel

Did you know that just asking for the sale or sign up can kill your conversion rate? Yes, it is. Sometimes people are not ready to buy they just browse. Expensive price or complications with the product or service may take much time in conversion.

Marketers must be aware of, what the visitors want and what they want. If the visitor is willing to know about DIY home repair then you must offer them a course to learn. How do you offer? It matters a lot. You must go for the following points:
  • ·         Offer valuable information about the course viablogs, videos and info graphics
  • ·         Be a trustworthy advisor
  • ·         Present them a compelling reason to buy or sign up
  • ·         Free video course via email
  • ·         Send them sales copy and ask for the purchasing

Avoid Using Complicated Business Language:

If you’re using complicated business language and fancy words to influence visitors, then you might lose a higher conversion rate.

Remember, you write for people and they read your website. Don’t ever try to write for companies, you’re just writing for people to aware them about your services and products. Be clear to use words.

Run A Campaign To Build Trust:

Consider the reasons why people don’t buy a product from you. The reasons may be no need, no money, in a hurry or lack of trust. These elements (except lack of trust) are not in our hand. We can only work to build trust among the targeted audience. Consider following points to build trust for your brand:
  • ·   Increase the credibility of your website by offering testimonials, articles and other source materials
  • ·         List a physical address to show that a real organization is working behind a website
  • ·         Highlight your expertise area to give the credentials
  • ·         Make easy to contact you by providing phone number and address
  • ·         Develop a professional website
  • ·         Make your website user as well as SEO friendly
  • ·         Avoid errors such as spellings, broken link

Create A User Friendly To Buy From You:

Don’t focus to teach your visitors, how to buy or where to click. You must focus to be an intuitive and self-evident. Go through the following points to generate a user friendly purchasing mode:
  • ·         Help them to know, what to do next
  • ·         Don’t provide too many options
  • ·         Ask to fill a few fieldsto buy the product
  • ·         Don’t force them to buy
  • ·         Offerfree shipping

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

12 Steps to Ensure the Success of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not all about to create a bunch of accounts and still, no idea what to do next. It has come up as a formidable task for the small business or a startup. Did you know that social media marketing has a crucial role to achieve the business goals and success? These platforms help to transform a product or service into a brand. It is a great tool to meet the sales goals and drive 30% more traffic to increase the conversion rate. Being an inseparable part, internet marketing seems impossible and worthless for an online business.

Social Media- a major part of internet marketing helps to reach the core audience, building a façade of potential buyers, researching influencing campaigns and examining the competitor’s strategy. These all efforts enable an online business to reach the targeted audience with all-purpose built tools.It has brought a remarkable revolution for companies to develop their robust content strategy.Consider 12 simple steps that play a vital role to develop social media strategy:

Define Target Audience

It is considered as an important practice of social media marketing. Target audience is recognized with the gender, age, location, income and education.

Research Buyer Persona

A persona depicts the users as per their goals, needs and interests. Designing personas all depend upon three major areas such as user’s goals, current behavior and pain joints. 

Research Influencer

Having a research in fluencer lets the businesses be popular among the targeted audience.Use tools to influence over your target audience, increase the traffic and boost conversion rate. Take a help from Buzz sumo. Before using this tool, you must know all in fluencers.

Identify Social Media Platforms (Used By Buyer Persona)

Buyer persona is required to make your products and service better. It helps to solve a problem or a challenge that can hinder the business growth.

Analyze Competitor’s Preferred Social Platforms

Analyzing your competitor’s social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest etc will help you to improve your social platforms. It increases the social engagement, track key influencers and enhance the metrics in this competitive era.

Develop Content Addressing Buyer Persona Pain Points

Creating a buyer persona is a crucial element of successful social media marketing. After recognizing whom you are marketing, you also must be aware of whom you are selling.  Now, you need to have a successful content marketing that is going to viral among the customers. These contents must speak to customer pain points and challenges, faced by the buyer’s journey.

Create A Content Platform

A Shareable content helps to understand the priorities and the mind of your audience.It could be a long story, info graphic, image or a video clip.

Use Customer Engagement Campaign To Build Relationship

It is a process to dynamically build, nurture and manage the relationship with the current and potential customers..

Maintain A Consistent Content Publishing Cycle 

Customers expect useful content publishing on the social media platforms on a regular basis, which is easy to find, digest and share.

Invest to Increase the Followers and Share Expert’s Content

This step will help to facilitate more people and keep engaging them on your social media platforms.
Automate Social Sharing With Tools (Buffer, Hootsuite Etc.)

Buffer, Hootsuite etc. is some of the tools, used to share content on the social media platforms. It has enabled customers to read and share the vital information on various social networks.

Evaluate Results & Improve Your Strategy (If Required)

This last step includes the evaluation of the results in the end. Check whether the set goals are achieved or not. If not, then workout to acquire the lack point and improve the strategy.